The Question of Maitreya

Location: Sujata Village, Bodhgaya, India

Date: November 9-10, 2016


Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche gave a two-session teaching on the Sutra, "The Question of Maitreya" on the rooftop of the Via Elementary School, framed by a backdrop of haze-softened rice paddies and rolling hills. Adding to this serene atmosphere, the music of Shri Tilak Biswas (flautist) and Shri Dharmendra (vocals) greeted attendees and set the tone for the teaching. 

What qualities does a bodhisattva need in order to attain enlightenment quickly? In "The Question of Maitreya," recently translated by 84000 into English, the Buddha highlights several sets of qualities needed for swift liberation, the most important of which is the genuine wish for the enlightenment of all beings. The aspirations Maitreya makes as a result of his exchange with the Buddha are set out in the famous “Prayer of Maitreya” for which this sūtra is perhaps best known.


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