Message From Rinpoche Concerning Vajrayana Initiations in Perth and Auckland

Published on 03 January 2020

As we live in a social media world, I’m sure many have heard of my upcoming visit to the Southern Hemisphere, which includes initiations in some venues.

In ancient times, practitioners would go out of their way to search for a guru and tantric initiations that were then kept secret from those not inclined to the Vajrayana teachings and from those without the capacity to receive them or who were not ready for them.

Nowadays, alas, it’s almost the opposite: We announce such initiations as if the guru is trying to lure people to the Vajrayana.

Nevertheless, in trying to maintain tantric traditions, I need to say a few words especially to those new to the Vajrayana and those who have never received initiation from me.

First and foremost, I want to discourage such people from coming to these tantric initiations, especially since I am the one bestowing them. In the Vajrayana, a proper understanding of the relationship between the initiation giver and initiation receiver is of utmost importance. While the initiation receiver needs all kinds of faculties, the initiation giver must also possess very many qualities of which I have none – as I have admitted over and again.

Moreover, my character and habitual patterns are of the kind that many may wish to avoid. For a more diverse selection of opinions and a different take on me, please go to websites like “Beyond the Temple” that are full of such opinions.

But for those who still insist on entering the Vajrayana path and especially on receiving abhishekas from me, I also won’t discourage them from coming to these initiations. It is, however, my duty to give you this warning.






此外,我的性格和習氣,是那種許多人可能覺得回避為好的。為提供更多元化的意見和對我個人的不同觀點,請訪問「Beyond the Temple」之類的網站,那裡全都是這樣的意見。