Announcement from Khyentse Foundation, Siddhartha's Intent and Khyentse Labrang about Rinchen Terdzod in Bhutan

Published on 03 February 2016

To whom it may concern,

We are fully aware that the upcoming Rinchen Terdzod transmissions are precious and that many people from outside Bhutan wish to attend. 

Since this is such an extensive and complicated teaching, some may think that Rinpoche will be giving these transmissions only once for the first and last time. As such, there has been some element of paranoia in people trying to go to Bhutan at this time. 

Rinpoche wishes to announce that this is not the case, and that he will do these abhishekas again in India. There, the situation will be much easier in every way for those not living in Bhutan, and not only with regard to getting a visa.  

Even for those able to obtain visas this time, they should know that the situation in Takila is very hazardous – cold, windy, dusty, without proper accommodations or medical facilities, and very far from amenities and even from the nearest town. As well, teachings will not be translated as there are simply no such facilities available. 

It appears that some travel agencies are misleading those wanting to go by not giving accurate information on how poor the facilities in Takila are. So anyone trying to go may not get what they paid for.  

For all these reasons, Rinpoche has strongly urged people wanting to go to this Rinchen Terdzod to think twice about that. In fact, Khyentse Foundation, Siddhartha’s Intent, and Khyentse Labrang cannot take any responsibility in this matter beyond making this announcement. The rest is at people’s own risk.  

---Khyentse Foundation, Siddhartha’s Intent, Khyentse Labrang