Teaching Schedule of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Pujas and Teachings in Taiwan

26 November - 4 December 2016
Taipei, Taiwan

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s 2016  Teaching Schedule in Taiwan

2016 is the Tibetan year of Fire Monkey and it also the birth year of Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava. Based on this auspicious condition, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche has initiated the global accumulation of one hundred million Seven Line prayers as well as a series of related teachings, empowerments and pujas. At the end of this year in Taiwan, we will hold the following activities (see below).

May Buddhadharma flourish and remain in the world. May all the sentient beings awaken, be free from suffering and have happiness. May they all achieve ultimate liberation.


Ushnishavijaya Drupcho : Saturday, November 26 through Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Ksitigarbha Puja : Friday, December 2 through Sunday, December 4, 2016

Time: 8:00 am- 5 pm daily
Venue: Qiao Guang Conference Center at Longbon Resort
No.25, Quanyuan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 11247, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: 02-28939922#6505


Teachings on “The Aspiration of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra” (“The King of Aspirations by Bodhisattva Samantabhadra")

Wednesday, November 30, 2016    7-9:30 PM CST (UTC/GMT + 8 hours)
Thursday, December 1, 2016     7-9:30 PM CST (UTC/GMT + 8 hours)

No registration is required. The event is free of charge (*sponsored by Khyentse Foundation). Seats are not numbered and are available on a one-person one-seat basis. Please do not save seats for others.

We are delighted to announce these teachings will be livestreamed on ‘GoToWebinar.com'.

If you would like to join the teaching online, please register in advance here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7254668258958221060. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about attending the webinar. Please log in 15 minutes before the teaching starts to allow sufficient time to download necessary software.


Jie-shou Memorial Hall, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

No.201, Sec. 2, Shipai Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan

MRT Transportation https://goo.gl/v94VxB


  • By car:

National Highway 1 (Sun Yat-sen Freeway) → Chongcing N. Rd. interchange (to Shilin) →across Bailing Bridge (turn left) → Chengde Rd. Sec.5, Sec.6 (turn right) →Shipai Rd Sec.1 →Shipai Rd Sec.2 No.201 Taipei VGH (Taipei Veterans General Hospital)

  • By Bus:
  • 128,216,223,224,267,268,277,285,288,290,508,535,536,601,602,606,645,646,665,902,F225, Red 12 , Red 19,S8  - Taipei VGH
  • Kuo-kuang Motor Transport(Kuo-kuang eBus): 1081-Keelung to Taipei VGH
  • By MRT: MRT Red Line (2). Free Hospital Shuttle bus at MRT Shipai Station


Guidelines for the Drupcho:

1. Khenpo Sonam Tashi suggests following a vegetarian diet during the Drupcho.
2.Please bring your own water bottle/cup for the sake of the environment. Drinking water will be available on site.
3. No registration is required.
4.If you wish to stay at the resort during the puja(s), please contact Longbon Resort directly - http://cy.longbon.com.tw/

It sometimes feels like our world is out of control and in such chaos but at these heightened times, it is also the purest and ripest ground for enlightenment. Now, more than ever, we need your generous support for these pujas and public teachings. Your generosity creates great merit on the Bodhisattva path, gives you and your friends the opportunity to connect with Rinpoche’s activities directly and helps all of the auspicious conditions to come together. The benefits of the pujas are inconceivably vast and infinite. May we all have the precious opportunity to accomplish such extraordinary Dharma gatherings in a most extraordinary time.

If you would like to make a monetary contribution, please donate through the following Postal Giro Account:

Bank name: Chunghwa Post (Post Office)
Account Name: Siddhartha’s Intent, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Account number: 1913005
(NOTE: This bank account is only for people in Taiwan and cannot accept international wiring)

With Metta,
Siddhartha’s Intent-Taiwan