The Rain Of Wisdom – 2013

The Rain of Wisdom [Kagyu Gurtso], Halifax, 2013

Now more than ever we need to read these songs of realization. We grow up in a world that believes in the logic of no pain no gain. But these Kagyu forefathers have a way of complete gain without any pain. The quintessential message from this Ocean of Songs is that the samsaric endeavour is not fixable. It only deceives us and makes us feel that there is an end - but it never has an end. And in many of the songs you can feel that. It’s a wisdom mind gushing out. With the help of reading these songs as supplication, we try not to get carried away. And what will that do? It will wear out the strong grip on the hinges, railings and benches of reference. Not only for ourselves but for all sentient beings.

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