Right Intention - 2019

Right Intention, Montevideo, Uruguay, January 6, 2019

Contemplating intention is perhaps the most unique feature of Buddhism. The most basic levels of right motivation are not to harm others and to help them but it is difficult to measure what is harm and what is help. To understand this, we have to consider the notion of self and how our desire to help others may in fact be based on self-clinging. Meditation can calm our minds, leading to a higher chance of having right motivation. But control of the mind alone is just the first step. More important is seeing the truth. Ultimately, what makes motivation right, is whether it is bringing us closer to the truth. Opposing forces such as life and death, and right and wrong, have no solid separate existence but are in union. This is the path to understand, and this is what makes Buddhism different from other religions.

Onsite Translation: Spanish

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