Prajna - 2020

Prajna - Perceiving the True Nature of Reality

5 January, Bengaluru, India

Trying to talk about prajna is trying to express the inexpressible. When the Buddha said "this cannot be uttered, it cannot be expressed, it cannot be heard", that is already a description of prajna. Prajna, however, can be experienced. It is not the same as mind. Prajna having mind is what we call a sentient being. The job of dharma, the spiritual path, is to get rid of the mind. Mind is like water, when it falls on the floor it collects dirt; prajna is like mercury. The one who has mind, that "one" is the prajna. How do we take advantage of this prajna that we have, that we are? Is it something we can utilise? How can we eat, drink, walk, talk using prajna instead of mind? The teachings of the Buddha address these questions by first generating mistrust towards the mind. Before subject and object, there is prajna. Prajna equals sunyata. We have it. The self-awareness that is there all the time is the footprint of prajna; if we follow it we arrive at prajna

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