Nagarjuna's Sixty Stanzas on Reasoning - 2015

Nagarjuna's Sixty Stanzas on Reasoning, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1-7 October 2015

In this text, Nagarjuna - the father of Madhyamaka - establishes the view of Mahayana Buddhism. He uses the Prajnaparamita Sutra as his main supporting text. To begin, he pays homage to the expounder of dependent arising. Why pay homage to the Buddha? Not because of any miracle powers, golden skin or ability to fly, but because the Buddha realised and expounded the fundamental view of dependent arising. The view is the most important and what distinguishes Buddhism from other spiritual paths. Actions or morality without the proper view are just another cause of entanglement. So how is it possible to have the right view? There are three ways:

  • A qualified and compassionate master pointing out the view to a very devoted and open-minded student
  • Through analogy
  • Through reasoning

It is the last one that is used throughout this text.

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