Buddhist Education - 2014

Buddhist Education, Taipei, 30 December 2014, Taipei, Taiwan

Speaking at the Buddha Educational Foundation in Taipei, Rinpoche presents his vision of a buddhist education for life. Starting from the premise that all education is brainwashing but we have no choice other than to educate our children, we should pay some attention to how we're doing this. The current education system is not leading us towards a harmonious world, it simply focuses on degrees and jobs and ends up destroying identity.
Buddhist wisdom and method can contribute towards a system that values self-contemplation, being a decent human being, and assists individuals to discover themselves: children, parents and teachers alike. It can teach the truth of interdependence.
We don't necessarily want our children to have a buddhist education to become buddhist — that's a limited view — but for decency, to have a life.

Onsite Translation: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese, English

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