Being Savvy at Following the Guru - 2019

Being Savvy at Following the Guru, Santiago, Chile, January 20, 2019.
In English, with consecutive translation into Spanish.

Developing the confidence that we can be enlightened, and finding a guru to help us to achieve this is a key element of the path for students of Vajrayana Buddhism. But this mixing of a person with a philosophy and a path is problematic, and has been so since the time of the Buddha. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche gives advice on how to develop the right motivation to find a guru and describes the qualities that we should look for in an authentic teacher. There is no certification or training school for gurus: they may be found anywhere. But we should examine a potential guru carefully to ensure that they genuinely care about our enlightenment, as we need to trust our guru to challenge all our preconceptions and guide us to the truth.

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