Donations for the Tara Pujas

Those who wish to make a connection with the 21-Day Arya Tara retreat pujas being held in Chauntra, India (March 23-April 12, 2017) and accumulate merit for various reasons like health and protection, can make online donations here.

All donations should be sent in to the respective region by February 23rd.  Then, the monies gathered will be forwarded directly to Deer Park/SI India.

Please click on the link associated with your region below:

SI Australia (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and other nearby regions):

Donations from SI Australia


SI Western Door (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and other parts of the Americas):

PayPal for SI Western Door 


SI Europe:

Donations from SI Europe 


SI Singapore:

Donations from SI Singapore 


SI Taiwan (Taiwan only):

Donations from SI Taiwan 


SI Korea:

Donations from SI Korea


SI Japan:

Donations from SI Japan


SI HK (Hong Kong & nearby countries such as China)

Direct Payment:
Bank Name: HSBCA/C
Name: Siddhartha’s Intent Ltd.
Account No. : 580-116978-004 (HK$) or 502-742356-274 (US$)

銀行 (Bank): 香港上海匯豐銀行 (HSBC)
戶口名稱 (A/C No.) :悉達多本願會有限公司 Siddhartha’s Intent Ltd.
賬號 (Account No.) :580-116978-004 (港幣捐款户口 HK$) 或 or 502-742356-274 (美元捐款戶口 US$)

Beneficiary : Siddhartha’s Intent Ltd.
Bank Name : HSBC
Address : Mongkok Branch, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Account No. :580-116978-004 (HK$) or 502-742356-274 (US$)

收款人 (Beneficiary) : 悉達多本願會有限公司Siddhartha’s Intent Ltd.
銀行 (Bank) : 香港上海匯豐銀行 (HSBC)
地址 (Address) : 香港, 九龍, 旺角, 旺角分行 Mongkok Branch, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
賬號 (Account No.) :580-116978-004 (港幣捐款户口 HK$) 或 or :502-742356-274 (美元捐款戶口 US$)