Seven-Line Prayer Fest

Published on 08 June 2022

Join the global sangha for an all-day Guru Rinpoche party on 18th June!
We will be chanting 1,000 seven-line prayers across 5 sessions led by Siddhartha's Intent instructors, with the aspiration that all beings swiftly rediscover their inner Guru Rinpoche.

Session 1 
8pm New York (17th) | 2am Berlin | 8am Hong Kong
Session 2 
2am New York | 8am Berlin | 2pm Hong Kong
Session 3 
6am New York | 12pm Berlin | 6pm Hong Kong
Session 4 
12pm New York | 6pm Berlin | 12am Hong Kong (19th)
Session 5 
5pm New York | 11pm Berlin | 5am Hong Kong (19th)

Each session will last between one hour and one hour and a half.

Meeting ID: 893 9934 7405
Passcode: orgyen


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Artwork by @daleast