Introduction to Buddhism

Published on 01 August 2021


An 8-week overview of the buddhist path, including an introduction to mindfulness and vipassana, based on a review of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s public teachings from late 2019 to mid 2021. The program will be taught by Alex Li Trisoglio, a senior instructor appointed by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.


This program is for:

  • Buddhist practitioners: who would like to review the foundations of buddhist view and deepen their understanding of nonduality.
  • Mindfulness/vipassana practitioners: who would like to deepen their practice and understand the buddhist origins of mindfulness.
  • Beginners: who would like to learn more about the buddhist path and explore the questions “Is Buddhism for me?” and “How can I start?”


The program will comprise eight weekly sessions. Each session will be two hours long with a 10-minute break. Sessions will start at 10am Pacific Time on Sunday (which corresponds to 1pm New York, 2pm São Paulo, 6pm London, 7pm Berlin, 10:30pm Delhi, and 1am Hong Kong on Monday). There will be time for Q&A following each session.

All sessions will be recorded and transcribed.

For information about the contents and optional pre-reading for each week, see the Program Outline.


After each session there will be an optional Q&A session for live questions and questions submitted on the Questions Page. Any questions about Buddhism, mindfulness and vipassana are welcome, including:

  • Questions about any topics from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s public teachings, especially from late 2019 to mid 2021.
  • Questions about any topics from this 8-week program.

If you have questions and are unable to join the live session and Q&A, please submit your questions on the Questions Page.

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Artwork: Tara di Gesu